Thursday, December 31, 2009

That Gray Bengal Tiger

Now I know I'm hard to see in me the pic. That's the point. See I'm dark gray, stripped in black and very hard to keep a fix on. That's just how us Bengal Tigers are. Very cunning, quick witted and sleek. I tell you I walk around this place and no one can see me. Not what I'm posting at the moment.... just letting you know who you are dealing with. Now this is a great contrap the human went out for. Tell ya I was just as happy to sharpen the claws on the sofa, he just yelled at me all the time, and well now I use this little cardboard box sharpener. I look out the corner of my eye, I see Neo sitting on the table. I do believe that is fear I see. He sees me over here sharpening and is worried I am getting ready to jump him again. Well guess what? He's right! Someone has to be the leader here. This has been my ground since I put the human in line, and told him how its gonna be, I'm the king here. So with Neo being suspicious and all I am gonna stroll back to the bedroom for a bit, I hate when he knows its coming. I will just wait here for a while till the dust settles and will get at him then. Time to sleep for a bit.

build a blog contest

Hey, Neo here again, man doesn't Aries use this blog space anymore? ... New Year is coming, yes us cats celebrate too.

I was turned to an idea that just might work to get this blog going and going strong...

Get free catnip with your comment, simply fill out the form provided, the first 100 comments will receive, free of charge a gram of cat nip.... enjoy

2010 promises to be the best one yet, and I... well I am gonna be so stoned come midnight its gonna be great!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Neo this blog needs a jump start

Neo here again. Man I am telling you, Aries doesn't get alot of action on this blog. He's got 1 follower and gets random hits every few days on here. Well then, I don't have any followers, and guess I could get some of my friends to look in to our blog... So I guess I share Aries failure, but you know worse things could be happening. Like being deprived of sleep or snacks or worse than that, deprived of cat nip. Really though us cats lead a pretty boring life, sleep, wake, sleep, wake, eat a little, the song goes on for a long time. You know what though? I don't need any more than that, I am what one could call a happy cat.

Monday, December 28, 2009

adjusting attitude

Aries here, man don't tell the human, me and Neo been sniffin that catnip again. This really does feel strange, weird and all that. I swear I saw bugs on that wall. But me and Neo are havin a blast tonight. Chasing each, I'll run him to the corner than he turns on me and chases me back out of the room. Only question in my mind is why does Neo get to lay on the table and I get yelled out when I do it. I don't know about this catnip stuff though, makes Neo a bit more aggressive, he smacks at me now. He never did that before. Well seems everything is cool now, man, I'm so tired, gonna so lay down for a bit, get my head straightened out, man what a trip.... I'll catch you on my next catnip high.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wake Up

hey man, Neo here again. Seems Aries doesn't like posting anymore, so I guess he is in a funk, having to share his blog with me.
But anyway, I was just waking the human, he's so bad anymore, staying in bed and letting us cats go hungry for the morning. Aries gets all pissed when I jump up here on the bed too, like its his bed and I am not allowed. Well so sorry Aries, you were told you were gonna have to share, I'm not being selfish, I just like to have some food in my bowl too, and I just can't seem to get it without the human. so WAKE UP HUMAN, I AM HUNGRY AND NEED SOME WATER TOO!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


ok ok,  well Aries has told me I better announce who it is when I post, this is Neo.
Now I am appreciative of him sharing his vast array of 'things' (he was my human first) I will give some credit to Aries, he is a nice guy and all but I really wish he would stop jumping me every time I come around a corner. Well being my almost first post (I did sneak one in a while back) I thought I should first say thank you Aries. I do say that with a smile.
I will make it a point to post my thoughts.

More Sharing

Man, the human is making me change my blog now. So not only does 'stuff' include the human, my food, water, apartment and various toys, it also includes my blog. Jeese, the things I do for this 'cute' playmate.

So I sit here going to the settings, changing the title and all that stuff. It will of course still contain my posts but Neo ($^%&$!!) will be posting as well. Haven't figured if there needs to be a pre-amble on the posts... Me or Neo, but we will see.

So here goes everything, I, Aries, will share my web space with you Neo.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yea right, the cute one

Yea, right, cute. Don't be so quick, posing as a cat but to tell you the truth I have never heard him purr. I personally think he's a vampire. You should see all the blood he gets from the one human. See the eyes? I know when its time for me to find somewhere else to be. He gets this crazed look and man! And I thought I was a crazy cat. By compare I am much closer to normal I could almost be a poster cat. Man, this dude really has some issues to deal with. I'm just telling it like it is when his eyes get all dark and glassy; be warned!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ewwwwww, I mean like gross

Those dog owning humans are crazy or something. I was just peering out the sliding glass door up here in the penthouse and spotted the lady across the way. She was carrying a plastic bag in one hand and was wearing a plastic bag on the other hand; you can just take a guess at what she was picking up off the ground in her back yard. Sorta fits in that category of ewwwwww!
Least us cats use the box and the human just scoops the stuff out, not glorious, but does sure beat the hell out of looking for and then, ewwwww, picking it up and dropping it in a bag. If dog is supposedly "mans best friend" seems said dog would not make it so much extra work to be owned. My guess is cat is mans best friend.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

picture this

So as the sun is coming up (the earth actually rotates to give the sensation of night and day) in the sleep little one horse town of (city) The rest of it is up to you, you don't need to go far to find some exciting drama going on in your tiny little adventure we call life.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Human's version

now I had a funny feeling someone was watching me. You know that bizarre, strange feeling? I mean I am just sitting here in bed, not much happening, listening to some music, but that feeling.... Thought for a sec it was maybe the music, you know how certain songs come on the radio that actually "make" you feel.... na, couldn't be that I listen to this tune all the time and never before... I generally hang to the center of the bed, but do favor the left side, I take a look to the other side of the bed, and wouldn't you know it, I was being watched. With a look that was seeing right through me, as if gazing into my feelings, my soul if you will. There is something very strange and eerie about this particular cat.   Its like this cat was born to be my cat, of the littler he was born to, I had to choose another kitten, as he was already 'called', then I ended up with this white one, I had to adopt him out as I couldn't have pets in the place I moved to, then I get him back. As if it is this cats destiny to be with me. There just seems to be some bond, unknown in nature, between this cat and myself. One of those "unexplained phenomenon". He knows me and I know him, as if we have met before.