Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hunt

Now the first thing is deciding what the hunt will be; squirrels and varmints are a bit different than hunting birds. Its not like I just take off and kill just because. So that being decided (think I'll get a squirrel today)
1. You locate a spot that squirrels hang out and have lots around to distract them. Best place for this would be like under the bird feeders you humans like. The discarded shells are still eadible and squirrels are always hungry.
2. is to set your vantage point, behind a tree or if the humans are thinking for you, and don't cut the grass for a few weeks, but this doesn't happen real often.
So we have this all set and we just have to be patient and wait, usually not too long. Our victim shows up, I size him up... make sure I'm not wasting my time... we hunch down, real low, hold my breath, I blend in, he won't see me, I creep forward a few feet. Hunch down lower, stick the tail straight out, helps with the balance. Hunch down lower, do my little wiggle, get my legs ready for the strike... creep closer, no sound, blend, blend, blend... close enough, wiggle, wiggle, ok ready here goes nothing....
Shoot, he saw me as I started my strike, man, them squirrels are quick. Well time to set up again, takes me sometimes 5 or even 6 tries.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Way Out

Silly humans, all by myself I figured out how to get past this darn screen door. All I gotta do is get a grip on the door (claws come in handy) and slide the darn thing open. Gives me full charge of where I go and when I want. Just as long to the heavy door is already slid open. Ha ha Aries wins again. I mean these humans don't know who they are dealing with here. I keep telling them I'm the coolest, cutest and best hunter ; I just didn't want to reveal how smart I am. I think they may be getting wiser now. They always make sure the front door latches shut, I can get out that way; now they put stuff in the door run to keep it closed. Just give me a little time I will figure my way around that too.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I really can't believe this... a squirrel, one of my favorite meals (actually I have no idea what they taste like but I'm sure its better than this cereal) is standing on my balcony, laughing hysterically at me. The only thing keeping me from jumping him and snapping his neck was this darn screen door. What's with this screen door any how? Keep creatures out? I thought that was my job.
I am so humiliated, my dinner, laughing at me. Might as well take a stick and jab at me through a cage. These hunger pains are all Pirate's fault. If that screen had been open I would be chowing on squirrel fricassee or roasted squirrel breast (I hear its best when extra rare). I'm sorta mad at him at this point. Not sure what, but I will get him back for this. Apparently ignoring him is not the way to go, he just comes back here and tickles me. Grrrrrrr... I am so pissed off.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wish the Pirate guy forgot and left something on the patio again. I just love the world from up here. Now he's got the door closed and I can't get out there, I'm so bored in here. Nothing to do but just lay here staring at the ceiling. Ah wait he said I can go back out now...

Well not so great, its raining a little bit. Now I know why Neo is so grumpy when he has to work in this stuff. I guess its not so bad though, I can always hang real close to the building where the rain isn't falling.
at least I can always go back in if I want to.
Seems like the humans are trusting me now to know how far its save for me to jump and this is definitely to far. Like duh, you know?

I do remember hearing stories about another tiger Neo had years ago.
Molly was nuts man, she jumped off the roof onto the car hood in the driveway. Man that is pretty gutsy I would say.
So anyway I'm gonna go hang inside for a bit. Seems easier to stay dry in there. Take it easy man.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Life

So did get out on the balcony, checked on the furniture and all that then suddenly, as suddenly as I got out here I had an insatiable desire to be on the other side of the door. I can't help it, just like my need to kill birds and small rodents I need to be on the other side of the door. Anyway all my toys are in the Great Room, and I don't really like the way Pirate picks me up and drops me in the Room. I don't like not being in control of where I am going.

Really though, I'm not here to talk about my "other side" syndrome, I have a therapist to talk about those things. Does any one there know this cat on the other side? He seems to follow me around . I always see him at the window on the bedroom door and the one in the bathroom too. Well anyhow, its ok ... I don't mind so much, its nice to have a follower sometimes; and everyone wants to be with me, I'm just the coolest cat and best hunter that ever was.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aries on Easter Sunday

This is really fun. I mosey on over to Pirate's chair and stand there a few, lol.... make one of my 'get attention' sounds like a quick purr or something, he then reaches over to pet me and I fall down. The look on his face is so funny, humans are a riot sometimes.

I have noticed there aren't any mice in this place. Guess word is out on the street that I'm here, there ain't no better hunters around than me. Or maybe the mice just don't like the food around here. So anyway it is bothering me a little, I'm supposed to be a hunter and I can't get out. They do keep me from starving with some crunchy cereal and provide fresh water, but what I really want is breast of squirrel or maybe some wings now and again.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Again? This is getting rediculous

I gotta get out of this place, he just keeps locking me in the closet. Man I thought for sure he saw me in there. I'm checking to make sure there aren't any mouses in the place and he locks me in. Some way to say thanks, like here ya go buddy, let me shut off the lights and make sure you can't get to your food. And you know its not so much that I can't get to my food, but all my toys are out there, and I'm locked in here!

if you think that is dark, you should be in there with the door shut. But you know, I can still see and that's not such a big deal, its the toys that I can't get to:( Sure would be nice to have that jingly ball right now.