Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meows and Grunts

Neo: Man you see that
Aries: Yea, damn squirrel again.
Neo: Yea this is bull shit, Man, that's supposed to be our space; It's your fault we can't be out there now, with you jumping off that one day, man... what the hell were you thinkin?
Aries: You know how it gets man, that one real cute pussy was meowin, then that dog... startled me I just jumped, couldn't help it.
Neo: Well... yea, I can see that, she is a sight to see, so any way what we gonna do about this glass door?
Aries: Not much we really can do, pound on it and hope to scare him off.
Neo: Damn squirrel, he'll get his some time soon, I say we go mess with human, you keep running around, I'll keep working on tripping him on his way to the kitchen, We'll get him eventually.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am one to think, once a month is plenty of posting in this electronic "journal." So, here I am again; food is ok, sleeping quarters, adequate,  so I don't have alot to complain about. Well the company I keep leaves a bit to be desired. Aries, what an ass, and the Pirate guy.... geeeze, don't I get a break?
Well, I know they mean well, but so socially inept and oblivious to the obvious. Was looking around the web, maybe find a network buddy that inspires me a little better than these two imbeciles. Came across this page:, was entertaining at first, but got sorta boring. Hot pussies day after day (I'm a cat, give me a break). So anyway, I did stumble across a site, Http://, Lots of cool cats and pussies (oh come on; get your mind out of the gutter, I'm a cat)
Well, gotta run, Aries is wanting to play his fighting games again. I pretend to be afraid, but honestly, I could really give this guy a beating, I just go with the flow.

catch ya on the nip side (I'm gonna go get high)