Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hey readers, its me, Aries again.

I just can't get over how my human is acting like he owns this place. He keeps shouting at me for getting on the table, scratching the sofa is not good either. I mean, I let him live here, isn't that about enough? I mean he is my pet and all.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Normal Cat talk

 Neo: What's up man; are you settled?

Aries: Yea man... I was just burning off some energy. Word on the street is elect this bozo for another term in office; Like he hasn't done enough damage in 4 years. Let's see it he can put an end to this "United States."

Neo: I hear ya man; I mean beyond where he was born (strange he put a court order on his birth record) the dude wasn't living in the USA during his formidable years. Like he doesn't even think as an American. Friend last night was referring to it a a "Global View."  Which is good in some ways but really shouldn't the man "with the pen in his hand" best to have grown up here? To see the political ramifications from an "Americans"  viewpoint?

Aries: Totally agree! Hey lets aggravate the human... I'll go scratch on the bathroom door, you go into one of your "attack" modes and slice up his arm real good. Its funny to see him pull off some toilet paper to stop the bleeding.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Meet Neo... and god please don't call me Nemo

hay fans, its me, Neo... yea I would rather be Neoptolomus, but yea, its easier to just call me Neo. Not to be confused with Near Earth Objects... Yes I know, I am a cool cat. For one, I'm white, white cats always get the most attention. I have blue eyes, kinda like the blond/ blue eyes... for the guys out there. I'm just a cool cat, I act mean, but if you know how to deal with, everything is cool... I mean, I'm a pussy cat, yea I'll act like a bad ass, bite and stuff. But chill baby, I'm a cool cat. I'm a cat with attitude... chill baby, I like to be pet, but you gotta know how to do it.... Cat with attitude, yea that's me!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Been a while...

Hey guys (and girls)... yea its been a while since I've had a chance to blog. The human is always on the computer when I get an idea to write about. Oh well, guess thats the price I pay for keeping him around. Anyway, I did finally manage to get use of the computer this once. Did you happen to see the bird he cooked the other day? Man... I tell ya, that human really takes the cake (pun intended). He goes out buys a huge bird, cooks it and sits down for a meal; never even once did he offer any of it to me. Oh yea... wow, he fills the little bowl on the floor with cereal nuggets, and then he sits and feeds on this lavish succulent bird. Whats with the cooking anyway? I personally think its better fresh. Crazy humans. I tell you what... I didn't see it happen, but I bet he offered some of it to Neo. Its like Neo gets everything! Its so unfair. Even when we moved, he took Neo to the new place first, like its supposed to be Neo's place now. Ha.... its still my place, and nothing will change that. Well I could go on and on but have to chase Neo around the apartment a bit... can't let him think this is his place or something, will write more later

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am the King

You know this is really funny at times. I mean, I sit here all the time, my apartment, I sit where I want to sit. Most of the time the human starts hollering and shouting. I don't understand a word of it, remember I'm a cat... so I just give him that blank look. When he approaches quickly, it does scare me, so I jump down, then jump back up. Too my nearest guess he is saying 'off the table' not sure what it means. I know he doesn't mean to push all the stuff off the table, he gets a bit a little out of kilter when Aries pushes his reading glasses to the floor. I personally think its a roll. Yea, we give him a hard way to go most of the time. We need our entertainment. I mean we do allow him to stay here with us, and trust me, he will be gone the day he forgets to fill our water and food bowls.
Get off the table, has a funny sound to it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

chicken little was right

Hey Neo, I think the sky is falling. It's coming down in little white pieces. The worst thing is I don't think the human realizes it. He just goes on as if nothing is happening. We gotta do something, I just don't know what, any ideas?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Neo: Man whats with all this fluffy white stuff
Aries: Not sure, think the human calls it snow
Neo: Looks cold man
Aries: Yea, I been out in it, its wet cold and generally a nuisance
Neo: Well for once I'm glad this glass door is in the way
Aries: Yea I'm with you on that one
Neo: Hey Aries, can you turn off the lights in your eyes, its bothering me.
Aries: Oh shut up!