Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am the King

You know this is really funny at times. I mean, I sit here all the time, my apartment, I sit where I want to sit. Most of the time the human starts hollering and shouting. I don't understand a word of it, remember I'm a cat... so I just give him that blank look. When he approaches quickly, it does scare me, so I jump down, then jump back up. Too my nearest guess he is saying 'off the table' not sure what it means. I know he doesn't mean to push all the stuff off the table, he gets a bit a little out of kilter when Aries pushes his reading glasses to the floor. I personally think its a roll. Yea, we give him a hard way to go most of the time. We need our entertainment. I mean we do allow him to stay here with us, and trust me, he will be gone the day he forgets to fill our water and food bowls.
Get off the table, has a funny sound to it.