Thursday, December 31, 2009

That Gray Bengal Tiger

Now I know I'm hard to see in me the pic. That's the point. See I'm dark gray, stripped in black and very hard to keep a fix on. That's just how us Bengal Tigers are. Very cunning, quick witted and sleek. I tell you I walk around this place and no one can see me. Not what I'm posting at the moment.... just letting you know who you are dealing with. Now this is a great contrap the human went out for. Tell ya I was just as happy to sharpen the claws on the sofa, he just yelled at me all the time, and well now I use this little cardboard box sharpener. I look out the corner of my eye, I see Neo sitting on the table. I do believe that is fear I see. He sees me over here sharpening and is worried I am getting ready to jump him again. Well guess what? He's right! Someone has to be the leader here. This has been my ground since I put the human in line, and told him how its gonna be, I'm the king here. So with Neo being suspicious and all I am gonna stroll back to the bedroom for a bit, I hate when he knows its coming. I will just wait here for a while till the dust settles and will get at him then. Time to sleep for a bit.

build a blog contest

Hey, Neo here again, man doesn't Aries use this blog space anymore? ... New Year is coming, yes us cats celebrate too.

I was turned to an idea that just might work to get this blog going and going strong...

Get free catnip with your comment, simply fill out the form provided, the first 100 comments will receive, free of charge a gram of cat nip.... enjoy

2010 promises to be the best one yet, and I... well I am gonna be so stoned come midnight its gonna be great!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Neo this blog needs a jump start

Neo here again. Man I am telling you, Aries doesn't get alot of action on this blog. He's got 1 follower and gets random hits every few days on here. Well then, I don't have any followers, and guess I could get some of my friends to look in to our blog... So I guess I share Aries failure, but you know worse things could be happening. Like being deprived of sleep or snacks or worse than that, deprived of cat nip. Really though us cats lead a pretty boring life, sleep, wake, sleep, wake, eat a little, the song goes on for a long time. You know what though? I don't need any more than that, I am what one could call a happy cat.

Monday, December 28, 2009

adjusting attitude

Aries here, man don't tell the human, me and Neo been sniffin that catnip again. This really does feel strange, weird and all that. I swear I saw bugs on that wall. But me and Neo are havin a blast tonight. Chasing each, I'll run him to the corner than he turns on me and chases me back out of the room. Only question in my mind is why does Neo get to lay on the table and I get yelled out when I do it. I don't know about this catnip stuff though, makes Neo a bit more aggressive, he smacks at me now. He never did that before. Well seems everything is cool now, man, I'm so tired, gonna so lay down for a bit, get my head straightened out, man what a trip.... I'll catch you on my next catnip high.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wake Up

hey man, Neo here again. Seems Aries doesn't like posting anymore, so I guess he is in a funk, having to share his blog with me.
But anyway, I was just waking the human, he's so bad anymore, staying in bed and letting us cats go hungry for the morning. Aries gets all pissed when I jump up here on the bed too, like its his bed and I am not allowed. Well so sorry Aries, you were told you were gonna have to share, I'm not being selfish, I just like to have some food in my bowl too, and I just can't seem to get it without the human. so WAKE UP HUMAN, I AM HUNGRY AND NEED SOME WATER TOO!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


ok ok,  well Aries has told me I better announce who it is when I post, this is Neo.
Now I am appreciative of him sharing his vast array of 'things' (he was my human first) I will give some credit to Aries, he is a nice guy and all but I really wish he would stop jumping me every time I come around a corner. Well being my almost first post (I did sneak one in a while back) I thought I should first say thank you Aries. I do say that with a smile.
I will make it a point to post my thoughts.

More Sharing

Man, the human is making me change my blog now. So not only does 'stuff' include the human, my food, water, apartment and various toys, it also includes my blog. Jeese, the things I do for this 'cute' playmate.

So I sit here going to the settings, changing the title and all that stuff. It will of course still contain my posts but Neo ($^%&$!!) will be posting as well. Haven't figured if there needs to be a pre-amble on the posts... Me or Neo, but we will see.

So here goes everything, I, Aries, will share my web space with you Neo.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yea right, the cute one

Yea, right, cute. Don't be so quick, posing as a cat but to tell you the truth I have never heard him purr. I personally think he's a vampire. You should see all the blood he gets from the one human. See the eyes? I know when its time for me to find somewhere else to be. He gets this crazed look and man! And I thought I was a crazy cat. By compare I am much closer to normal I could almost be a poster cat. Man, this dude really has some issues to deal with. I'm just telling it like it is when his eyes get all dark and glassy; be warned!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ewwwwww, I mean like gross

Those dog owning humans are crazy or something. I was just peering out the sliding glass door up here in the penthouse and spotted the lady across the way. She was carrying a plastic bag in one hand and was wearing a plastic bag on the other hand; you can just take a guess at what she was picking up off the ground in her back yard. Sorta fits in that category of ewwwwww!
Least us cats use the box and the human just scoops the stuff out, not glorious, but does sure beat the hell out of looking for and then, ewwwww, picking it up and dropping it in a bag. If dog is supposedly "mans best friend" seems said dog would not make it so much extra work to be owned. My guess is cat is mans best friend.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

picture this

So as the sun is coming up (the earth actually rotates to give the sensation of night and day) in the sleep little one horse town of (city) The rest of it is up to you, you don't need to go far to find some exciting drama going on in your tiny little adventure we call life.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Human's version

now I had a funny feeling someone was watching me. You know that bizarre, strange feeling? I mean I am just sitting here in bed, not much happening, listening to some music, but that feeling.... Thought for a sec it was maybe the music, you know how certain songs come on the radio that actually "make" you feel.... na, couldn't be that I listen to this tune all the time and never before... I generally hang to the center of the bed, but do favor the left side, I take a look to the other side of the bed, and wouldn't you know it, I was being watched. With a look that was seeing right through me, as if gazing into my feelings, my soul if you will. There is something very strange and eerie about this particular cat.   Its like this cat was born to be my cat, of the littler he was born to, I had to choose another kitten, as he was already 'called', then I ended up with this white one, I had to adopt him out as I couldn't have pets in the place I moved to, then I get him back. As if it is this cats destiny to be with me. There just seems to be some bond, unknown in nature, between this cat and myself. One of those "unexplained phenomenon". He knows me and I know him, as if we have met before. 

Sunday, November 29, 2009


You think that was cool? Watch this one!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Man you humans are all messed up, a special day to eat bird?? this is what I live for you know. Bird is good food, healthy and nutritious, and beats the cereal food all to hell... and the most fun is catching the meal. Cooking schmooking,
 be a man and eat it raw, all the vitamins and you can eat like right now, no waiting. I just never understood this cooking thing, some one please clue me in.
I mean this really sucks, you get bird, I get cereal?? again, someone clue me to this, where is the fairness??
I mean toss me a wing or something!
and granted, Neo will concur  with me on this score, its just not right for you humans to be eatling delicate bird, turkey at that and we are stuck with cereal and water, I demand turkey and wine!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Thought this one worth a pic... Note the right arm is draped down the side of the table. Ole Neo here hangs about anywhere he wants to, allowed or not. I do have to get the garbage out too, shame on me.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


the human and I have about the same opinion of the female of your species, and just to avoid a confrontation I will keep my little pussy mouth shut... its not good news, I assure you females would not like to hear this take!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Bath Tub

Kind of crazy, I love to hang with my human when he takes a bath, lol.
I put my fore paws on the tub... I don't know how he can just lay in all that water, kind of scares me, but the bubbles are cool. I try following his hands, (I think he messes with me with this) his hands go underwater then the fingers come up, its pretty much of a riot. I know, us cats are easily amuzed. Seems to relax him though, the bath, that is. God, it just gives me creeps to think of laying in that much standing water.

I know its been a while since I posted, my human is on the computer a lot. Yea, I know, I am here with just Neo during the day, and should take the time but playin with him is so much fun. Well anyhow, I'm about to get kicked off the computer again, so till I post again, keep hunting them squirrels and I'll talk with ya later.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Now I know this looks strange and stuff, but like always, I'm gonna have to explain what this is. I pester my human when he takes a bath, but he looks so comfy laying in the bathtub. Aside from laying in the water and bubbles I thought I would give this bath thing a try. This is very relaxing actually, I think I will do this more often.

New Friends

Now this is really cool! You know about the move-out, subsequent move-in and all the dilemma the human is going through these past few months. Well in the information age of today I have "met" these great new friends, Vinny and Matt. They co-own the human that my human talks to a lot. Matt is the one that looks a lot like me. I tried to "introduce" Neo to them but he's so stuck on himself he really didn't give them the time of day. Well all I can say is "your loss, Neo". These are 2 of the coolest cats I have met in a long long time. I mean it like, they "follow" each other around and play together night and day. I am a bit envious of their friendship. So anyhow, I just thought I would let you, my readers, (all 3 of you) know that making friends on line is not a totally bad thing. It can even lead to better things down the road.
I did almost forget, my human is doing just fine, I don't know what he made all the fuss about. Things are great here as I see it, bills are paid, there's always a good bag of cereal for me and Neo, and the human even has another intelligent one to talk with, when his off-spring human hangs around.

Monday, September 07, 2009

He'll be fine

Yea, I think the human is going through some changes. Its weird, he talks to himself and is very emotional these past weeks. I can tell when he is talking to me or Neo, and this is definitely talking to himself. He keeps saying "I will take responsibility of what I did..." not real sure what he is talking about but I am sure it has something to do with the 2 females leaving. Poor guy, going through separation anxiety. I wish there was something I could do to help; but I think its just gonna take a little time. He is a smart human, and has a big heart; he'll be fine though. I know what he is going through, when he came to pick me up and take me to his place I missed my siblings and my mom, real bad. But then in just a short while I could see, he had so much love for me. I stopped worrying about mom and my brothers and sisters and got used to being alone most of the time. He even brought a friend in for me to play with, but that's another story. Things got real weird around here for a while, I could tell he was lonely and needed something, something the females just couldn't do for him. One thing that really helped was when his daughter moved in with Neo. He still gets a bit emotional, but I see things are getting better. Heck he does have me and Neo, and Jasmine talks with him sometimes (when she's here). Its pretty cool how he gets along with Jas, like they have known each other for a long time. Guessing that's how humans are with their off spring. I mean I didn't really know about her, just the few times she came over and made threats to punt me, think she was just being funny. Anyway, the human seems happier now, happier than I have ever seen him.
The nights are so much nicer now, no arguing or throwing stuff, or anything like that. He just needs a little more time, and thank heaven the little female isn't here to drag me around like a rag doll.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lets play tag

Whew! He almost got me on that round. I'll just have to play this one a little different. Neo is still "it". If I can just inch my way back up into the living room and then dash to the bed room, I'll be at base and he looses. hahahahah! Now I can see why everyone likes Neo so much, he is really fun to play games with. So I guess its worth the sharing stuff and food and snacks, I even have let him play a bit with my toys now and then.
Well no time now, have to get back into the game and kick some Neo butt. Will post again when I get the time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cute continued

Now can we stop with the cuteness thing here. Jeeze, I mean I have never seen such a ham. And he does this all the time. I'm glad the pic cut off his one eye, lol this is just getting so bad. When ever the human, Pirate sits down, there's Neo, "see how cute I am??" Well Pirate is telling me now if I showed up once in a while he would pet me too. So ok, I'm half the problem with this being ignored thing but I am bit miffed at the "I'm so cute" ways of Neo. Sure he is a good friend, just didn't think I would have to share my human with him too.

Neo was telling me the other day he was chosen to watch and own the human Pirate and all his stuff a couple years before I was; so I do have to give him that. I now can see, we avoid the court dealings with custody, and just call it shared Humaning (stuff included). I can do this, its just that darn Neo, he's just too cute, god.... who'd of thought I would be jealous of cute?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ok, yea we are friends now. Neo is an alright cat, but man is he ever stuck on himself. Thinks he's so cute and all that. Yea big deal with the poofy tail and the blue eyes and all. I think the stereo type on blonds is about right. Hate to tell ya bud but tiger stripes are the in thing these days. The only stripes on you are the ones on your forehead and that to me is pretty weak. Besides who really pays attention to cute?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Neo part 2

Ok, getting tired of this mess. I know I have been cruel and mean to Neo. But man I am totally justified here. No warning, no discussion, and now I have to share all my stuff with another cat. I hate the way he keeps brushing up against MY stuff. I mean things can't have 2 owners! Especially my human, well ok I did share him with another human for a while. But I did let Neo stand near me today. We even touched faces. No more hissing and standing my tail on end. I think its time I called a truce. Neo is here, apparently to stay. I just can't stand how unfair this is, I mean this is all MY stuff. Guess I'm just gonna have to keep my eyes on him and then know the 'things' I need to reclaim.
I guess its true when they say cats make good friends. I suppose I shouldn't have made such a big deal about the move in. We will learn to like each other; it will just take some time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Neo? on my turf?? I am pissed

Now this just takes the cake! I mean I have been here for close to a year now, its all mine, the chairs the tables, the human, the porch, everything is mine. Well that's all changing now. Jasmine, the humans grown up little one is moving in and shit, she is bringing another cat with her. I can see having a cat as a good thing, but to bring him here? to my turf? this is my place and the human didn't even consult with me as to where this "Neo" guy was gonna sleep, what he was gonna eat. He best not be eating my food! And get this, the human is telling me I need to chill, and share my stuff. I just can't believe this! This was MY place. And now I have to share with this Neo cat. He just better stay out of my way, get his own toys and just do what I tell him to do. And get this... the human is giving him my treats! I am so pissed off...

How dare he eat my snacks, and then turn and hisss at me?? man this is just so wrong in so many different ways!
Selfish you say? I don't think so. I took all that time to claim all this stuff as mine and now have to give it up and share, I really don't see how this is fair in any way at all. I am just so pissed off....
This Neo just better stay his distance, and leave my stuff alone. At least he knows he is on my turf, and hides under the bed most of the time. Its all Jasmine's fault, I mean I can deal with her living here, she just talks jibberish and doesn't seem to like me but to now have to give in and let all the stuff be his too?? I am so Pissed!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Get off my porch

Question 1 would be "what the **** is this meat on legs doing on MY porch? and question #2 is how come he rail walks and the human doesn't seem to care? These little rodents boil my bottom some times. If not for this darn glass door I would be eating right about now.
Well anyway, screw the little rodent, I was just noticing how much peace there is here now the the Pretty female and her look alike have left. The young one, (look alike) was disappointed that I was growing up and the Pretty female was always shouting about something. Thinking about the time the little female was saying "Aries is getting to big, can we get another kitten?" I mean all kittens become cats, is this not included in the circle of life? If you get a kitten then what to do with me? Am I just chopped squirrel meat now? And the Pretty one always shouting. If it wasn't this it was that, and if it wasn't that it was this. Made it sort of hard to get close to Pirate. Now they are gone, Pirate seems calm, at peace with himself. And now I can concentrate on the important tasks like getting this damned rodent off my balcony.

Friday, July 24, 2009

old friends

This is Sarah, fast? Ha, you bet but funny looking with all the spots instead of stripes. LMAO

Would be nice to be able to move at lightning speed to take down prey. Sarah's brother would drive me crazy every time I came to see him. He would ask "You wanna race?" Sorta goes with out say, I can't run at 60 mph so I think I lost before the race ever began. Come to think about it, every cheetah I ever knew would ask me to race, so I would just answer, "no thank you, but I bet you can't purr."

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well how about that? they are both going, leaving, and she didn't even say good bye. I'm sorta pissed. But its alot more fun here now that they are gone. No more fighting, arguing or bickering. And the little one won't be carrying me about like a doll anymore. There is more room here too. My pirate human seems a bit miffed by the whole thing, he knows its for the better but just seems bit hurt, like he got tossed to the side. I know he will be ok, that's the kind of human he is, as the Phoenix, he will rise from the ashes.

Where did those snacks go anyway?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tiger in the House

I know those who know me know I am a direct decedent of the bengal tiger. I shows in my eyes and mostly in my stripes. I am stripped all the way through. Its not just my fur, my skin and organs have the same stripes. I know the color is a little off, never heard of a gray bengal, most are orange/black some are white but rest assured, I am a bengal tiger, domesticated breed. I hear from Dagger often, and me and Achilles are buds, through and through. Those two have it made man, living outside, hunting when ever they feel and knowing that food supplied by the humans will be there. Well I can't really complain being a house cat and all so I will just shut up for the time being

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've seem him drop an antelope, I do see that my attack in some ways does seem to mimic my other cousin, Achilles is his name.

Dude is brave, Pirate tried to give me a bath some time back, I was like, I'm not having anything to do with this. He must be experienced at this cat-bath thing, He won this round. I'll chase water drops but to deal with large amounts of water at one time is not my idea of having a good time. Anything over my toes is entirely too deep. I mean if my prey decides to cross the river, I say go on, I'll find another victim. I wouldn't get into a situation like that anyhow, I know how to choose my battlegrounds, and I don't go near lakes or rivers. Of course I have heard Achilles rave about how good some fish are. But I think I'm gonna have to pass on this one, water is just to frightening to me.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Now this is cool... clean laundry, and a comfy cool plastic shower curtain on top. I could lay here all day, is cool comfy and smells great. None of that old clothes smell. Pirate comes home smelling like chemicals every week day his clothes are in here but none of that fertilizer or weed control smell. Just a cool plastic curtain with clean clothes underneath. Ah, the life of a house cat... gotta love this shit!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"don't look I'm still naked"

You humans are so weird, not only do you wear clothes, but the brand and style seems to define what you are all about. Blue jeans are the casual look, I see the business men in theirs kakies, and knit slacks being all important and such ... But the top is the clincher... I don't see Pirate in a tie on a day to day basis, he is more the kakie or what ever you call those and a golf outing shirt. He looks pretty cool ( ladies, he is taken but quite a sight, and this coming from a male cat). So I ask What the f --- happened to your fur, you take other animal fur and make coats, you even make matterials yourself to make coats out of. What the .... I mean why drop the real coat when you know its gonna be just as if not colder next year? You guy's (and girls) blow my mind. You ladies are more than this guy cat can handle, you have to choose pants, jeans, dress, skirt, mini skirt, skort??? the list goes on, and with most of those (save for the dress) you need to find a top that matches, goes with and is appropriate. Take this Obama chick. All in the news with the paparatci and all saying sleeves and shit. Well get this, how bout she shows up in a birthday suit. Greener for the nation, is what's natural and no one knows what brand, style or color she can afford/likes. Am I brave for going around naked? well shit no. I am a freaking cat, I go naked and thats that. My stripes are quite nice though. Even seen some comedy where the guy opens his closet and everthing is the same. I don't quite get the joke, I wear the same stripes everyday. Ladies, again, cool out, they're just feeding units, whats the big deal? And humans; there is a god, I am going to heaven cause there are no rules here in the animal world. We do what is natural and god is good with that. (I would never think of killing another cat).

Just day dreaming

Please note the family similarities in me and my older cousin Dagger. Some in the family say we could be twins. Not so sure I would go that far, but as one of the handsome members of my family I'll take it as a compliment. I do have Dagger's eyes and our stripes are similar.

Dagger and I do keep in touch, thank goodness for the computer age. He tells me he is well, life in sanctuary is great, he said sorta like being a house cat but you live outside. Wouldn't that be cool? He is telling me his brother and sister are having a tough time out in the jungles of Asia. Yea I guess times are tough every where. (make note to self, call Simba later tonight)
Dagger said he mauled a human once, left a horrid taste in his mouth.
I kinda figured so much,(any animal that cooks their meat can't taste that good.)
You people freak me out. The pretty female here is always slaving over that contraption she
calls the "Stove". I just can't figure out why you don't just kill something and eat it, there's a ton of deer that run through this place. I'm just not big on this cooking thing. I know I'm getting a little off subject here.

Speaking of the deer, wouldn't it be cool to be a mountain lion and stalk, track, and take down one of those bigger bucks? oh man, gives me shivers up my spine. Reminds me of the antelope stories Dagger has told me.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


man I tell ya, always someone "fucking" with me. Pirate always grabbing my thigh, or pretty one trying to step over my blockade, always someone fucking with me. Must be their misunderstanding, I lay down, it is not permisable to just step over me, I am here for a reason, do I not have "do not enter" all over my face? Thinking these humans a bit in the clouds... I decapitate squirell and mice, do you not know who you are dealing with? When I say "STOP" I mean what I said.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Earned my keep today; While the "repair guy" was here today I had to stand watch to protect the pretty female. I mean I don't know who's comin and goin in the place here. So I set myself, in attack mode as he "fixes" the kitchen growler. Man I tell ya, it was nice not having to hear that creature for a couple of weeks, so he fixed the wall plug- thing too, didn't let him out of my sights then either.
So every thing seems ok so far, he came he left and the stuff he worked on works so I decided not to decapitate him like I do with the squirrels and mice. He comes and goes, and does what he says he's here to do, I'll just make a little check mark by his name in the allow column. [Repair guy- allow]

Well getting hungry and need to play with that mouse toy of mine too, later on

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As you can see I am a bit puzzled. The little human goes away for the weekend, and I miss her. She really doesn't know how to be with cats, but I give her the benefit of the doubt. I don't like being carried around like a doll, but it makes her happy so I live with it. When she goes away though, I get her bed, all to myself and its a comfy one too.
I'm telling you; these humans don't know how to be man, they all get big comfy beds, and me? I get a closet or the blanket on the floor. Well at least the pretty female put a blanket on the floor for me. Pirate just says find a place and then yells at me if I end up on the table. You tell me, I think he's crazy and confused. And get this, the table isn't even as comfy as the floor, even without the blanket!

So I guess its a good/bad thing, I miss her, don't need to deal with her hugging me and stuff and, I get her bed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well its all good but I am about tired of the word "cute". Geeze, cute is for those persian kitties and stuff. I'm on the wild side, hunter, lover and handsome to say the least. Yea I am a little crazy and I love to antagonize my humans. I am not cute, I am handsome, I am gorgeous, I am the prize of the litter. I am furious, I can kill in one strike. Cute? I think not! I'm cool with Pirate, he just talks to me like I'm one of the guys. "Hey dude, whats up?" and such. His companion the pretty female, she laughs at my antics and I'm pretty cool with that. I do have to admit when I was young I was cute. I am beyond cute now, I would prefer Handsome, what a hunk, or of course gorgeous. I am cat, hear me roar!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a Day

As you can see this is quite a life. Got my chair, my porch, my humans and life is going pretty darn good these days. Just lay back and take it easy.

After all I am the King around here

Monday, May 18, 2009

OMG birds!

Man there's a bird back behind the building making a awful racket. Just keeps screaming, ma, ma, ma, ma,ma, etc,etc. Just driving me nuts. You know I am not like the cartoon character Sylvester. What a stigma that cartoon has created. Cats dumb as rocks that treat birds as little more than a snack, and then there's the way Sylvester blunders every opportunity he gets to nab that little bird. Birds are just annoying. They never shut up and when they fly they shit on everything. They really don't have a lot of taste. Its sorta like chicken, just not as good. So anyway I just hunt them for the sport of hunting and to shut the little dunces up. The only birds that I really hate are those dive bombing "cat" birds. I mean those things scare me, I have seen some birds just dumb enough to stab their beaks into a tree, and it looks like it would hurt if that tree where me.

Well anyhow, the point is I don't hunt birds for hunger or food. They just annoy the daylights out of me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Ha ha, I love the reaction I get from these humans. They think I'm stupid and gonna jump or loose my footing or something, like man I have a tail, and an unbelievable sense of balance. I just love this rail walk, as you can tell by the look on my face I am deep in thought, paying attention to every detail, wind, where my feet are and how those things effect my balance. I just love seeing the humans freak out over this. lol

Lazy Saturday

Hangin around, sleeping the day away. I just love this life. I still can't figure out why Neo is always going away, he's gone about all day and then comes home. What could be more fun then cat napping and playing with toys. Well guess its his loss, but it sure would be great if he could just hang out with me like this everyday.

You humans are a funny sort. Its like up, walkin around always got something to do. Take the advice of a Cat, slow down, lay down, and just rest. You just never know when the next big hunt is going to be. You will be needing to be well rested.
I was reading my buddy Nooters blog the other day; yes cats and dogs can be buddies, we (cats and dogs) just like to give you humans some drama and comedy... but any how, Nooter was talking about this mouse thing. I'm with you Nooter, I don't see a mouse or holes in the walls where they hang out or any of that stuff here either. I really wish I could see a mouse once in a while, I'm already taunted by the squirrels and birds I see from the porch, 3 floors up is quite a jump and I am not so sure I would survive.

Oh man, I found out the other day, I could jump off the window in the bedroom where Neo and the Nice looking human sleep; jumping just right I can pull the plug out of the wall. Its funny to see the tv go off and the numbers go away, lmao.

I did this once and the Pretty human got real upset and started calling me names and stuff, I get the biggest kick out of upsetting these humans.

Well I gotta go to the box and lighten the aroma in the room, gonna chase that ball around the room after that.
I'll probably be back in a little while.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Being a great hunter and all guess it would surprise you to find I never knew what a mouse tasted like. I am sure this one was mutated or something, didn't expect it to taste like plastic and metalic like the one on Neo's desk. Any cats out there want to comment on this?

Monday, May 11, 2009

whats the deal?

out here again, I just love this balcony. I just don't like the air on the inside of the apartment here. I can't tell what the big deal with balancing on the railing, I know what I am doing out here, these silly humans think I'm gonna fall or some shit. I mean I am a cat, and we cats have great balance.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hunt

Now the first thing is deciding what the hunt will be; squirrels and varmints are a bit different than hunting birds. Its not like I just take off and kill just because. So that being decided (think I'll get a squirrel today)
1. You locate a spot that squirrels hang out and have lots around to distract them. Best place for this would be like under the bird feeders you humans like. The discarded shells are still eadible and squirrels are always hungry.
2. is to set your vantage point, behind a tree or if the humans are thinking for you, and don't cut the grass for a few weeks, but this doesn't happen real often.
So we have this all set and we just have to be patient and wait, usually not too long. Our victim shows up, I size him up... make sure I'm not wasting my time... we hunch down, real low, hold my breath, I blend in, he won't see me, I creep forward a few feet. Hunch down lower, stick the tail straight out, helps with the balance. Hunch down lower, do my little wiggle, get my legs ready for the strike... creep closer, no sound, blend, blend, blend... close enough, wiggle, wiggle, ok ready here goes nothing....
Shoot, he saw me as I started my strike, man, them squirrels are quick. Well time to set up again, takes me sometimes 5 or even 6 tries.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Way Out

Silly humans, all by myself I figured out how to get past this darn screen door. All I gotta do is get a grip on the door (claws come in handy) and slide the darn thing open. Gives me full charge of where I go and when I want. Just as long to the heavy door is already slid open. Ha ha Aries wins again. I mean these humans don't know who they are dealing with here. I keep telling them I'm the coolest, cutest and best hunter ; I just didn't want to reveal how smart I am. I think they may be getting wiser now. They always make sure the front door latches shut, I can get out that way; now they put stuff in the door run to keep it closed. Just give me a little time I will figure my way around that too.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I really can't believe this... a squirrel, one of my favorite meals (actually I have no idea what they taste like but I'm sure its better than this cereal) is standing on my balcony, laughing hysterically at me. The only thing keeping me from jumping him and snapping his neck was this darn screen door. What's with this screen door any how? Keep creatures out? I thought that was my job.
I am so humiliated, my dinner, laughing at me. Might as well take a stick and jab at me through a cage. These hunger pains are all Pirate's fault. If that screen had been open I would be chowing on squirrel fricassee or roasted squirrel breast (I hear its best when extra rare). I'm sorta mad at him at this point. Not sure what, but I will get him back for this. Apparently ignoring him is not the way to go, he just comes back here and tickles me. Grrrrrrr... I am so pissed off.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wish the Pirate guy forgot and left something on the patio again. I just love the world from up here. Now he's got the door closed and I can't get out there, I'm so bored in here. Nothing to do but just lay here staring at the ceiling. Ah wait he said I can go back out now...

Well not so great, its raining a little bit. Now I know why Neo is so grumpy when he has to work in this stuff. I guess its not so bad though, I can always hang real close to the building where the rain isn't falling.
at least I can always go back in if I want to.
Seems like the humans are trusting me now to know how far its save for me to jump and this is definitely to far. Like duh, you know?

I do remember hearing stories about another tiger Neo had years ago.
Molly was nuts man, she jumped off the roof onto the car hood in the driveway. Man that is pretty gutsy I would say.
So anyway I'm gonna go hang inside for a bit. Seems easier to stay dry in there. Take it easy man.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Life

So did get out on the balcony, checked on the furniture and all that then suddenly, as suddenly as I got out here I had an insatiable desire to be on the other side of the door. I can't help it, just like my need to kill birds and small rodents I need to be on the other side of the door. Anyway all my toys are in the Great Room, and I don't really like the way Pirate picks me up and drops me in the Room. I don't like not being in control of where I am going.

Really though, I'm not here to talk about my "other side" syndrome, I have a therapist to talk about those things. Does any one there know this cat on the other side? He seems to follow me around . I always see him at the window on the bedroom door and the one in the bathroom too. Well anyhow, its ok ... I don't mind so much, its nice to have a follower sometimes; and everyone wants to be with me, I'm just the coolest cat and best hunter that ever was.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aries on Easter Sunday

This is really fun. I mosey on over to Pirate's chair and stand there a few, lol.... make one of my 'get attention' sounds like a quick purr or something, he then reaches over to pet me and I fall down. The look on his face is so funny, humans are a riot sometimes.

I have noticed there aren't any mice in this place. Guess word is out on the street that I'm here, there ain't no better hunters around than me. Or maybe the mice just don't like the food around here. So anyway it is bothering me a little, I'm supposed to be a hunter and I can't get out. They do keep me from starving with some crunchy cereal and provide fresh water, but what I really want is breast of squirrel or maybe some wings now and again.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Again? This is getting rediculous

I gotta get out of this place, he just keeps locking me in the closet. Man I thought for sure he saw me in there. I'm checking to make sure there aren't any mouses in the place and he locks me in. Some way to say thanks, like here ya go buddy, let me shut off the lights and make sure you can't get to your food. And you know its not so much that I can't get to my food, but all my toys are out there, and I'm locked in here!

if you think that is dark, you should be in there with the door shut. But you know, I can still see and that's not such a big deal, its the toys that I can't get to:( Sure would be nice to have that jingly ball right now.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pirates Place

Yea I guess its pretty cool here a Pirates place. He supplies me with a poo box and get this, he maintains it too. Actually its my other human, the female that does all that most of the time.

I do get fed most every day but why do they get meat and I'm stuck with cereal?

And why can't I go outside? looks pretty neat from here.

Was fun a while ago, the Pirate was digging out some tools and working on the sliding door so I made a dash to check out the balcony. pretty high up here, they keep saying its the 3rd floor; and I keep asking myself 'third floor of what?' Anyhow they only let me stay out there a short while. I think its me going to the railing and acting like I'm gonna jump. It cracks me up the way these humans are. So he comes out,

swoops me up and drops me inside the big room.
Yea I guess it is sort of a drag not being able to just go where I want to but its comfortable here and I have 3 humans here that I sorta like.

Pirate gets a bit bent out of shape when I walk on the table. Its a blast to see him get up and take a step toward me. Of course I run, but not out of fear; I just love these little games.

Well I'll be back in a bit, gonna go chase those little balls that go jingle jingle.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Most of the morning

So he says he's sorry, "I didn't mean to do that". Still I ended up for most of the morning locked in a closet. I personally thing he did it on purpose. I mean he always notices where I am, I am sure he saw me dive into that closet chasing imaginary creatures! So I sit for a few in the dark, I can still see things but not real well. So anyway, Its not a panic like when he forgets to feed me in the morning, but I was beginning to get a bit scared that I would be in the dark for a bit. Well thank god for my other human the female here. She noticed I wasn't running around being goofy like I normally do, she started looking for me and finally put 2+2 together and opened the closet for me. Yea, us cats know mathematics. If I see 12 squirrels, and I knock off one, there are still 11 kills standing, duh!

So I'm just gonna ignore this Pirate guy for a while .