Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pirates Place

Yea I guess its pretty cool here a Pirates place. He supplies me with a poo box and get this, he maintains it too. Actually its my other human, the female that does all that most of the time.

I do get fed most every day but why do they get meat and I'm stuck with cereal?

And why can't I go outside? looks pretty neat from here.

Was fun a while ago, the Pirate was digging out some tools and working on the sliding door so I made a dash to check out the balcony. pretty high up here, they keep saying its the 3rd floor; and I keep asking myself 'third floor of what?' Anyhow they only let me stay out there a short while. I think its me going to the railing and acting like I'm gonna jump. It cracks me up the way these humans are. So he comes out,

swoops me up and drops me inside the big room.
Yea I guess it is sort of a drag not being able to just go where I want to but its comfortable here and I have 3 humans here that I sorta like.

Pirate gets a bit bent out of shape when I walk on the table. Its a blast to see him get up and take a step toward me. Of course I run, but not out of fear; I just love these little games.

Well I'll be back in a bit, gonna go chase those little balls that go jingle jingle.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Most of the morning

So he says he's sorry, "I didn't mean to do that". Still I ended up for most of the morning locked in a closet. I personally thing he did it on purpose. I mean he always notices where I am, I am sure he saw me dive into that closet chasing imaginary creatures! So I sit for a few in the dark, I can still see things but not real well. So anyway, Its not a panic like when he forgets to feed me in the morning, but I was beginning to get a bit scared that I would be in the dark for a bit. Well thank god for my other human the female here. She noticed I wasn't running around being goofy like I normally do, she started looking for me and finally put 2+2 together and opened the closet for me. Yea, us cats know mathematics. If I see 12 squirrels, and I knock off one, there are still 11 kills standing, duh!

So I'm just gonna ignore this Pirate guy for a while .