Sunday, September 27, 2009


Now I know this looks strange and stuff, but like always, I'm gonna have to explain what this is. I pester my human when he takes a bath, but he looks so comfy laying in the bathtub. Aside from laying in the water and bubbles I thought I would give this bath thing a try. This is very relaxing actually, I think I will do this more often.

New Friends

Now this is really cool! You know about the move-out, subsequent move-in and all the dilemma the human is going through these past few months. Well in the information age of today I have "met" these great new friends, Vinny and Matt. They co-own the human that my human talks to a lot. Matt is the one that looks a lot like me. I tried to "introduce" Neo to them but he's so stuck on himself he really didn't give them the time of day. Well all I can say is "your loss, Neo". These are 2 of the coolest cats I have met in a long long time. I mean it like, they "follow" each other around and play together night and day. I am a bit envious of their friendship. So anyhow, I just thought I would let you, my readers, (all 3 of you) know that making friends on line is not a totally bad thing. It can even lead to better things down the road.
I did almost forget, my human is doing just fine, I don't know what he made all the fuss about. Things are great here as I see it, bills are paid, there's always a good bag of cereal for me and Neo, and the human even has another intelligent one to talk with, when his off-spring human hangs around.

Monday, September 07, 2009

He'll be fine

Yea, I think the human is going through some changes. Its weird, he talks to himself and is very emotional these past weeks. I can tell when he is talking to me or Neo, and this is definitely talking to himself. He keeps saying "I will take responsibility of what I did..." not real sure what he is talking about but I am sure it has something to do with the 2 females leaving. Poor guy, going through separation anxiety. I wish there was something I could do to help; but I think its just gonna take a little time. He is a smart human, and has a big heart; he'll be fine though. I know what he is going through, when he came to pick me up and take me to his place I missed my siblings and my mom, real bad. But then in just a short while I could see, he had so much love for me. I stopped worrying about mom and my brothers and sisters and got used to being alone most of the time. He even brought a friend in for me to play with, but that's another story. Things got real weird around here for a while, I could tell he was lonely and needed something, something the females just couldn't do for him. One thing that really helped was when his daughter moved in with Neo. He still gets a bit emotional, but I see things are getting better. Heck he does have me and Neo, and Jasmine talks with him sometimes (when she's here). Its pretty cool how he gets along with Jas, like they have known each other for a long time. Guessing that's how humans are with their off spring. I mean I didn't really know about her, just the few times she came over and made threats to punt me, think she was just being funny. Anyway, the human seems happier now, happier than I have ever seen him.
The nights are so much nicer now, no arguing or throwing stuff, or anything like that. He just needs a little more time, and thank heaven the little female isn't here to drag me around like a rag doll.