Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As you can see I am a bit puzzled. The little human goes away for the weekend, and I miss her. She really doesn't know how to be with cats, but I give her the benefit of the doubt. I don't like being carried around like a doll, but it makes her happy so I live with it. When she goes away though, I get her bed, all to myself and its a comfy one too.
I'm telling you; these humans don't know how to be man, they all get big comfy beds, and me? I get a closet or the blanket on the floor. Well at least the pretty female put a blanket on the floor for me. Pirate just says find a place and then yells at me if I end up on the table. You tell me, I think he's crazy and confused. And get this, the table isn't even as comfy as the floor, even without the blanket!

So I guess its a good/bad thing, I miss her, don't need to deal with her hugging me and stuff and, I get her bed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well its all good but I am about tired of the word "cute". Geeze, cute is for those persian kitties and stuff. I'm on the wild side, hunter, lover and handsome to say the least. Yea I am a little crazy and I love to antagonize my humans. I am not cute, I am handsome, I am gorgeous, I am the prize of the litter. I am furious, I can kill in one strike. Cute? I think not! I'm cool with Pirate, he just talks to me like I'm one of the guys. "Hey dude, whats up?" and such. His companion the pretty female, she laughs at my antics and I'm pretty cool with that. I do have to admit when I was young I was cute. I am beyond cute now, I would prefer Handsome, what a hunk, or of course gorgeous. I am cat, hear me roar!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a Day

As you can see this is quite a life. Got my chair, my porch, my humans and life is going pretty darn good these days. Just lay back and take it easy.

After all I am the King around here

Monday, May 18, 2009

OMG birds!

Man there's a bird back behind the building making a awful racket. Just keeps screaming, ma, ma, ma, ma,ma, etc,etc. Just driving me nuts. You know I am not like the cartoon character Sylvester. What a stigma that cartoon has created. Cats dumb as rocks that treat birds as little more than a snack, and then there's the way Sylvester blunders every opportunity he gets to nab that little bird. Birds are just annoying. They never shut up and when they fly they shit on everything. They really don't have a lot of taste. Its sorta like chicken, just not as good. So anyway I just hunt them for the sport of hunting and to shut the little dunces up. The only birds that I really hate are those dive bombing "cat" birds. I mean those things scare me, I have seen some birds just dumb enough to stab their beaks into a tree, and it looks like it would hurt if that tree where me.

Well anyhow, the point is I don't hunt birds for hunger or food. They just annoy the daylights out of me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Ha ha, I love the reaction I get from these humans. They think I'm stupid and gonna jump or loose my footing or something, like man I have a tail, and an unbelievable sense of balance. I just love this rail walk, as you can tell by the look on my face I am deep in thought, paying attention to every detail, wind, where my feet are and how those things effect my balance. I just love seeing the humans freak out over this. lol

Lazy Saturday

Hangin around, sleeping the day away. I just love this life. I still can't figure out why Neo is always going away, he's gone about all day and then comes home. What could be more fun then cat napping and playing with toys. Well guess its his loss, but it sure would be great if he could just hang out with me like this everyday.

You humans are a funny sort. Its like up, walkin around always got something to do. Take the advice of a Cat, slow down, lay down, and just rest. You just never know when the next big hunt is going to be. You will be needing to be well rested.
I was reading my buddy Nooters blog the other day; yes cats and dogs can be buddies, we (cats and dogs) just like to give you humans some drama and comedy... but any how, Nooter was talking about this mouse thing. I'm with you Nooter, I don't see a mouse or holes in the walls where they hang out or any of that stuff here either. I really wish I could see a mouse once in a while, I'm already taunted by the squirrels and birds I see from the porch, 3 floors up is quite a jump and I am not so sure I would survive.

Oh man, I found out the other day, I could jump off the window in the bedroom where Neo and the Nice looking human sleep; jumping just right I can pull the plug out of the wall. Its funny to see the tv go off and the numbers go away, lmao.

I did this once and the Pretty human got real upset and started calling me names and stuff, I get the biggest kick out of upsetting these humans.

Well I gotta go to the box and lighten the aroma in the room, gonna chase that ball around the room after that.
I'll probably be back in a little while.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Being a great hunter and all guess it would surprise you to find I never knew what a mouse tasted like. I am sure this one was mutated or something, didn't expect it to taste like plastic and metalic like the one on Neo's desk. Any cats out there want to comment on this?

Monday, May 11, 2009

whats the deal?

out here again, I just love this balcony. I just don't like the air on the inside of the apartment here. I can't tell what the big deal with balancing on the railing, I know what I am doing out here, these silly humans think I'm gonna fall or some shit. I mean I am a cat, and we cats have great balance.