Saturday, February 09, 2013

Meet Neo... and god please don't call me Nemo

hay fans, its me, Neo... yea I would rather be Neoptolomus, but yea, its easier to just call me Neo. Not to be confused with Near Earth Objects... Yes I know, I am a cool cat. For one, I'm white, white cats always get the most attention. I have blue eyes, kinda like the blond/ blue eyes... for the guys out there. I'm just a cool cat, I act mean, but if you know how to deal with, everything is cool... I mean, I'm a pussy cat, yea I'll act like a bad ass, bite and stuff. But chill baby, I'm a cool cat. I'm a cat with attitude... chill baby, I like to be pet, but you gotta know how to do it.... Cat with attitude, yea that's me!