Thursday, July 10, 2014

Normal Cat talk

 Neo: What's up man; are you settled?

Aries: Yea man... I was just burning off some energy. Word on the street is elect this bozo for another term in office; Like he hasn't done enough damage in 4 years. Let's see it he can put an end to this "United States."

Neo: I hear ya man; I mean beyond where he was born (strange he put a court order on his birth record) the dude wasn't living in the USA during his formidable years. Like he doesn't even think as an American. Friend last night was referring to it a a "Global View."  Which is good in some ways but really shouldn't the man "with the pen in his hand" best to have grown up here? To see the political ramifications from an "Americans"  viewpoint?

Aries: Totally agree! Hey lets aggravate the human... I'll go scratch on the bathroom door, you go into one of your "attack" modes and slice up his arm real good. Its funny to see him pull off some toilet paper to stop the bleeding.