Sunday, November 25, 2012

Been a while...

Hey guys (and girls)... yea its been a while since I've had a chance to blog. The human is always on the computer when I get an idea to write about. Oh well, guess thats the price I pay for keeping him around. Anyway, I did finally manage to get use of the computer this once. Did you happen to see the bird he cooked the other day? Man... I tell ya, that human really takes the cake (pun intended). He goes out buys a huge bird, cooks it and sits down for a meal; never even once did he offer any of it to me. Oh yea... wow, he fills the little bowl on the floor with cereal nuggets, and then he sits and feeds on this lavish succulent bird. Whats with the cooking anyway? I personally think its better fresh. Crazy humans. I tell you what... I didn't see it happen, but I bet he offered some of it to Neo. Its like Neo gets everything! Its so unfair. Even when we moved, he took Neo to the new place first, like its supposed to be Neo's place now. Ha.... its still my place, and nothing will change that. Well I could go on and on but have to chase Neo around the apartment a bit... can't let him think this is his place or something, will write more later