Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time Away

Neo chimming in again- both me and Aries contribute to this post.

This is so cool, the human has been out for the last few nights.   Aries and I are having a great time. We do the play fight thing every night he is gone and don't have to deal with him shouting at us or getting upset with the 2 of us. Its great, I jump on his desk, usually he hollers shouts and even chases me around, now hehehehe, he's not even here, I am laffin my kitty fur off. Now Aries knows the woman he is spending his time with, always referred to her as "the pretty female" he tells me he didn't understand what went on with her and the human. Aries tells me he thought it was all a big misunderstanding. They got along fine when he first got here, things just seem to go south after a little time, like about a year. I know and Aries will concur on this that they were made for each other and the human seems so much happier now the pretty female is back in his life. Well anyhow... as long as we don't trash the place too much; he'll never be the wiser of our carrying on and going crazy. He stops in mid morning most of the time, puts some food and water down for me and Aries and then what he does is up to him, I'm happy, Aries is happy and that is all that counts, we are the most important ones here. Well we were just taking a small break on the running and chasing, wanted to post for our friends, gotta go now, he's after me again.... You'll never get me Aries!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


now why can't Aries be a little more like this? The guy is up, hyper, always doing something. Doesn't he realize the life of a cat is cool, laid back and takin' it easy? Cats life is alright, I get fed have a nice roof over my head and do about anything I want to do. Ok it does have some down points like I can't just go outside any old time, but ya know the good does outweigh the bad, so I deal with it. I am just hanging around waiting, not real sure what I am waiting for but I'll know when it gets here.

Friday, January 01, 2010


Hi, Neo chiming in again.

Man I tell you, that Aries, christ what am I gonna do? I mean its not like he can hurt me or anything; but I wish he would stop the antics. The guy jumps me at every corner of the house. I can't deal with this much longer. Yea a little play fight is good once in a while, but 24/7 ?..
Well thank goodness he is taking a nap now and I can post for my friends. I finally got the human to stop hollering at me for being on the table, if its both of us, (Aries) he still gets upset; but I knew it was gonna be like this. I just ignore him and I can do whatever I want to do. What!? you think he's gonna stop me? He's gone most of the time anyhow. This human I have is funny, when I was little I used to jump at nothing on the wall cause he got such a kick out of it, lol. New year? wow that's funny; it feels like it did yesterday. Well anyhow;  humans and their customs??
Well time is getting along, thought I would jot down a few words for my friends, let ya know all is ok at the ranch, I gotta go do something....