Friday, July 24, 2009

old friends

This is Sarah, fast? Ha, you bet but funny looking with all the spots instead of stripes. LMAO

Would be nice to be able to move at lightning speed to take down prey. Sarah's brother would drive me crazy every time I came to see him. He would ask "You wanna race?" Sorta goes with out say, I can't run at 60 mph so I think I lost before the race ever began. Come to think about it, every cheetah I ever knew would ask me to race, so I would just answer, "no thank you, but I bet you can't purr."

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well how about that? they are both going, leaving, and she didn't even say good bye. I'm sorta pissed. But its alot more fun here now that they are gone. No more fighting, arguing or bickering. And the little one won't be carrying me about like a doll anymore. There is more room here too. My pirate human seems a bit miffed by the whole thing, he knows its for the better but just seems bit hurt, like he got tossed to the side. I know he will be ok, that's the kind of human he is, as the Phoenix, he will rise from the ashes.

Where did those snacks go anyway?