Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aries blurbs

I'm just so bored, got a laugh out of Neo pulling some blood out of the humans arm; but other than that all there is to do is jump on Neo and toss him around a bit. He really is so dull, really I'd like to be hangin with some other more energetic friends, but all I got here is Neo and I can't get out. Rather than consider myself stuck here, I just figure it to be one of those "it is what it is" situations. Neo is really not that bad, just a bit older, and not as playful. He has shown me a few things. Ignoring the human is right, I am allowed where ever I want to go and biting the human is fun. Still I want someone who likes to play! He sits around grooming, all the time. It's like, dude... hot date? going somewhere? well I know the answer to both these questions is no, so why make a big deal on being impressive?

Yea yea, I know Neo has the cutest eyes, and long fur, and it so damn fucking cute... (oops I didn't mean that to slip out) and then the human buys him a collar to match his eyes (do note I am rolling my eyes). He's so pampered; it makes me want to cough up a hair ball.

but anyway...

 I'm so bored here, think I'll do what any cat would do when bored... go to the back room and lay down for a nap.