Monday, August 31, 2009

Lets play tag

Whew! He almost got me on that round. I'll just have to play this one a little different. Neo is still "it". If I can just inch my way back up into the living room and then dash to the bed room, I'll be at base and he looses. hahahahah! Now I can see why everyone likes Neo so much, he is really fun to play games with. So I guess its worth the sharing stuff and food and snacks, I even have let him play a bit with my toys now and then.
Well no time now, have to get back into the game and kick some Neo butt. Will post again when I get the time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cute continued

Now can we stop with the cuteness thing here. Jeeze, I mean I have never seen such a ham. And he does this all the time. I'm glad the pic cut off his one eye, lol this is just getting so bad. When ever the human, Pirate sits down, there's Neo, "see how cute I am??" Well Pirate is telling me now if I showed up once in a while he would pet me too. So ok, I'm half the problem with this being ignored thing but I am bit miffed at the "I'm so cute" ways of Neo. Sure he is a good friend, just didn't think I would have to share my human with him too.

Neo was telling me the other day he was chosen to watch and own the human Pirate and all his stuff a couple years before I was; so I do have to give him that. I now can see, we avoid the court dealings with custody, and just call it shared Humaning (stuff included). I can do this, its just that darn Neo, he's just too cute, god.... who'd of thought I would be jealous of cute?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ok, yea we are friends now. Neo is an alright cat, but man is he ever stuck on himself. Thinks he's so cute and all that. Yea big deal with the poofy tail and the blue eyes and all. I think the stereo type on blonds is about right. Hate to tell ya bud but tiger stripes are the in thing these days. The only stripes on you are the ones on your forehead and that to me is pretty weak. Besides who really pays attention to cute?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Neo part 2

Ok, getting tired of this mess. I know I have been cruel and mean to Neo. But man I am totally justified here. No warning, no discussion, and now I have to share all my stuff with another cat. I hate the way he keeps brushing up against MY stuff. I mean things can't have 2 owners! Especially my human, well ok I did share him with another human for a while. But I did let Neo stand near me today. We even touched faces. No more hissing and standing my tail on end. I think its time I called a truce. Neo is here, apparently to stay. I just can't stand how unfair this is, I mean this is all MY stuff. Guess I'm just gonna have to keep my eyes on him and then know the 'things' I need to reclaim.
I guess its true when they say cats make good friends. I suppose I shouldn't have made such a big deal about the move in. We will learn to like each other; it will just take some time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Neo? on my turf?? I am pissed

Now this just takes the cake! I mean I have been here for close to a year now, its all mine, the chairs the tables, the human, the porch, everything is mine. Well that's all changing now. Jasmine, the humans grown up little one is moving in and shit, she is bringing another cat with her. I can see having a cat as a good thing, but to bring him here? to my turf? this is my place and the human didn't even consult with me as to where this "Neo" guy was gonna sleep, what he was gonna eat. He best not be eating my food! And get this, the human is telling me I need to chill, and share my stuff. I just can't believe this! This was MY place. And now I have to share with this Neo cat. He just better stay out of my way, get his own toys and just do what I tell him to do. And get this... the human is giving him my treats! I am so pissed off...

How dare he eat my snacks, and then turn and hisss at me?? man this is just so wrong in so many different ways!
Selfish you say? I don't think so. I took all that time to claim all this stuff as mine and now have to give it up and share, I really don't see how this is fair in any way at all. I am just so pissed off....
This Neo just better stay his distance, and leave my stuff alone. At least he knows he is on my turf, and hides under the bed most of the time. Its all Jasmine's fault, I mean I can deal with her living here, she just talks jibberish and doesn't seem to like me but to now have to give in and let all the stuff be his too?? I am so Pissed!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Get off my porch

Question 1 would be "what the **** is this meat on legs doing on MY porch? and question #2 is how come he rail walks and the human doesn't seem to care? These little rodents boil my bottom some times. If not for this darn glass door I would be eating right about now.
Well anyway, screw the little rodent, I was just noticing how much peace there is here now the the Pretty female and her look alike have left. The young one, (look alike) was disappointed that I was growing up and the Pretty female was always shouting about something. Thinking about the time the little female was saying "Aries is getting to big, can we get another kitten?" I mean all kittens become cats, is this not included in the circle of life? If you get a kitten then what to do with me? Am I just chopped squirrel meat now? And the Pretty one always shouting. If it wasn't this it was that, and if it wasn't that it was this. Made it sort of hard to get close to Pirate. Now they are gone, Pirate seems calm, at peace with himself. And now I can concentrate on the important tasks like getting this damned rodent off my balcony.